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    OpenHub is the start of a community engagement initiative to support and utilise local business districts, town facilities, and community resources to help develop communities, connecting local workers to local facilities as a place of work.


    Further to local workers, thousands of intrastate and interstate professionals travel through townships and cities looking for great places to settle down for the day, have meetings, and collaborate with new people. Communities are yet to have the the ability to capture this demographic, therefore missing out on significant economic benefits of the ‘Professionals’ visitor economy.

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    OpenWork Hub 

    OpenWork Hub is a community platform enabling workers and freelancers to utilise local facilities across Australia. Councils are now opening their doors as places to live, spend and work. Thousands of workers travel throughout townships, and major cities looking for great places to settle down for the day, have meetings, and collaborate with new people. Why not use your local community as your professional working hub.

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    The office as we know it is constantly evolving - from densely packed desks to cubicle farms to informal, open plan spaces. Each of these changes have been matched by ongoing developments in technology, from communication and collaboration tools in the cloud, to seamless integration of mobile, to...
    In Melbourne, the State Library is moving with the times and the changing needs of the local population. From start up spaces to podcasting equipment and more. Libraries are some of our most treasured civic spaces but they are no longer reserved for just quiet reading. They’re evolving to meet...
    Have you seen any of these gimmicky office designs? Candy dispensers in conference rooms. Hammocks and indoor treehouses. Tech companies tend to be the worst offenders with the startup favorites: beer taps and table tennis. Maybe there is fun for a moment when the candy bar drops -- but does...
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